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This article provides a walkthrough of an asbestos survey using the Flow Mobile Surveying app. Once completed, you'll be able to issue an asbestos survey report to your client.

Note: This walkthrough uses the 'Asbestos Survey v4' template

Template Details

  • Template: Asbestos Survey v4
  • Standard: HSG264 (2nd Edition)
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Used by: Asbestos Surveyors
  • Used for: Asbestos Surveys

Preview an example report using this template

The Process

Here's the typical process to create an asbestos survey report. You don't have to follow the steps in this exact order.

Before the Asbestos Survey

Before going on-site, follow these steps using the Dashboard.

1. Schedule a Job

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Schedule a Job.

2. Create the Report

  1. Navigate to the new job.
  2. Click Add Report.
  3. Select the 'Asbestos Survey v4' template.

3. Input the Scope of Work and General Info

The HSE recommends carrying out an office-based desktop study before going on-site. But, in reality, not everyone works this way. So you may skip this step and Create Reports on the Mobile App.

The scope of work should have been agreed with the client before work commences.

During the Asbestos Survey

These steps should be completed during the survey while on-site.

1. Take a Cover Page Photo

Note: Take a suitable photo of the building for your cover page and give it a caption. We recommend a relatively wide shot to make the site easily visible.

2. Carry out the Inspection

Note: This section is where you'll spend most of your time on the Mobile App. The inspection records will make up the bulk of your survey.

Click on Add Item in the bottom right corner to add a new inspection item. When you have at least one inspection item you can copy an existing item, copy an entire group, or add an item into a pre-existing group.

Fill in all relevant data, then click Save.

3. Variations to Scope

On the survey day, were you unable to survey any areas from the pre-agreed scope? If so, type up some notes and take a photo here to record the variation.

4. Upload Attachments

Most of the time, you'll upload attachments via the dashboard. But you may want to add a rough sketch of your floorplans while on-site.

Take a photograph of your hand-drawn sketch and save it here to be converted into the final floorplan and uploaded via the dashboard later.

After the Asbestos Survey

1. Add The Sample Results

Enter the results via the dashboard once the results are back from the lab.

2. Upload Your Floorplans

Once you've received your lab results, you can draw up your floorplans in a 3rd party floorplan software.

Read our guide to floorplan software.

Then upload the plans to the report via the attachments section.

3. Upload Your Bulk Certificates  

Would you like to include the original bulk certificates from the lab within your report?                      

You can upload these to the attachments section, and Flow will embed them into the appendices of your report.

4. Sign Off

Once you've checked the report over and it's ready to issue, you'll need to complete the sign-off. You must add at least one Quality Control sign off. All other sign-offs are optional.

5. Preview the report

Preview the Report and make sure it's ready for issue. You'll also need to Resolve any QC Errors on the Report.

6. Share the report with your client

You can either Download the Report as a PDF or Share the Report URL with your client, depending on their preference.