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In this help guide, you'll learn how to export your asbestos register into a spreadsheet program like Excel, Open Office, or Google Sheets.

Exporting your asbestos register will save you time re-keying data when creating related reports such as asbestos management plans.

Why Export Your Asbestos Register?

1. To create an Asbestos Management Plan

An asbestos survey report quickly becomes out of date. As soon as contractors manage or remove any asbestos on-site, the report is inaccurate.

To ensure that duty holders have access to up-to-date information, they should maintain a "live" working document, called an Asbestos Management Plan that they update whenever any asbestos-related actions take place.

Many asbestos surveyors create an Asbestos Management Plan for the duty holder following an asbestos management survey, so it's useful to export the register to avoid double-keying the same data.

2. To Import data into a Third-Party System

Similar to the point above about maintaining a "live" record of asbestos, your client may have an asset management system or client portal which holds up-to-date compliance information for their properties. 

For example, housing companies often manage their asbestos compliance records using software such as Promaster or Keystone.

You can transfer your asbestos register from Flow into a third party system by first exporting it into a spreadsheet program, then importing the spreadsheet file into the relevant system.

How To Export Your Asbestos Register

You'll need a purpose-built layout to export your asbestos register. We can configure the export format to your specifications, including which columns to export, and how to filter the results.

Please Raise a Support Ticket and let us know what you need.