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Numbering your locations is common practice when carrying out an asbestos survey. This practice is widespread, particularly among UKAS accredited surveying companies.

Why number your locations?

  • Reduces ambiguity when surveying similarly named rooms.
  • Easier to describe rooms on your floorplans.
  • Easier to reference locations within your reports.

How should you number your locations?

A general convention is to prefix the room name with the location number.

Numbering example:

  • 001 - Hallway
  • 002 - Living Room
  • 003 - Kitchen
  • 004 - Staircase

We assume you'll be using the convention above on our standard templates.

So we include the first part in the Location dropdown options (e.g. 001 -) to save you time.

After selecting a location number, you'll need to write the location name.

Adding Location numbering from a dropdown list

Tip: Some people give every location a unique number. Others "reset" the location number for each floor.