State of the Asbestos Industry 2021

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Asbestos management may not be celebrated or even noticed very often, but your work and dedication, ensuring that our offices, our playgrounds and our factories are safe – makes a difference to us all.

For the past year, we’ve been talking to asbestos surveying teams of all sizes, listening to your concerns and challenges, and building solutions to make your work easier, and see your time well spent.

That’s why we commissioned the State of the Asbestos Industry report. Over 130 professionals from 3 continents participated in the survey, giving our inaugural report with a truly international viewpoint.

Insights you'll discover:

💡 The other services you're diversifying into
💡 Methods and marketing channels your competitors are using to grow their business
💡 Risks and challenges in the industry
💡 How staff perceive working conditions in the Asbestos Industry
💡 Thoughts and views on accreditation
💡 Top concerns about technology

Every day we get to meet professionals working in the asbestos surveying industry across the globe. This report is our chance to share your views with the wider asbestos community. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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