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📱 v1.0.45 - Save Photos to Your Local Gallery

Paul King
June 25, 2021

v1.0.45 of the mobile app now saves your photos to the gallery on your device. Previously, the Flow Mobile app saved images to a hidden and protected folder within the app.

Saving images to the photo gallery offers some significant advantages:

  • View images outside of the app. You can now view pictures taken with the Flow app directly from your photo gallery at any time.
  • Phone backup services. Since photos now save to the photo gallery, you can take advantage of your phones backup services such as iCloud or Android's automatic backup.
  • Spare photos for accidental deletions. If you accidentally delete an inspection record, you can now find the images in your gallery to restore any photos you need.
  • Sanity check. On multi-day jobs, the gallery provides a helpful history of inspection photographs in chronological order. You can use this to figure out the last item you surveyed.
  • Failsafe for app issues. It's reassuring to know your photos are saved to an easily accessibly gallery if there's ever an issue with the Flow Mobile app.

Save to Gallery Feature Walkthrough

Flow co-founder David King explains how the new Save to Gallery feature works:

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