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📱 v1.0.51 - Previous Values are Remembered for Fast Data Entry

Paul King
July 30, 2021

This feature speeds up data collection by remembering your previous values. The mobile app now prompts you with autocomplete suggestions when adding items.

Avoid Repetitive Typing

Many surveys are repetitive and involve inspecting similar items and materials.

Imagine that you're an asbestos surveyor inspecting a block of 30 flats. If each apartment has the same flooring, typing "grey floor tiles below the carpet" 30 times is very frustrating 😩.

Autocomplete lets you select previous values instantly, so you don't need to repeat the same thing over and over. This feature makes using the mobile app more enjoyable and offers some significant advantages:

  • Faster data entry.
  • Typo highlighting.
  • See commonly used text.
  • View the next item in a sequence.

Judging by this comment from our long-term client, Ian Gregory, this feature has been well received!

"I've just had a play with this and actually shouted "yes!" And punched the air"

How to Use Autocomplete

In version 1.0.51 of the mobile app, a magnifying glass appears beside any text field where you've previously added values. 

Tap the magnifying glass icon (🔍) to display previous values and see how often you've used them.

Autocomplete shows your previous values

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