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📱 App Update v1.0.59 - Pipelines on the Mobile App

Paul King
September 22, 2021

A few users told us it was challenging to manage jobs through the dashboard alone, especially with multiple projects on the go.

Asbestos surveyors found it particularly challenging to track job progress for housing association clients, where jobs are often very similar. For these repetitive, similar jobs, it wasn't easy to distinguish one job from another.

In Version 1.0.59, we've added Pipelines on the Mobile App so that you can instantly view and update the status of your jobs on-site.

Pipelines on the mobile app

What does this mean for surveyors?

This feature means you don't need to wait until you're back at the office to update your job progress -- you can update job progress on-site!

You'll be able to:

✔️ See the current status of your jobs at a glance.
✔️ Easily distinguish jobs from one another.
✔️ Mark site work as complete once you've finished the work.

What does this mean for office users?

Since surveyors can update the status of jobs in real-time, you'll better understand your team's workload.

You'll be able to make faster business decisions and turnaround reports faster.

✔️ Know the current status of every job.
✔️ No more telephone ping pong to figure out who's doing what!
✔️ QC reports as soon as surveyors complete the work.
✔️ Issue reports faster.

Updating your mobile app

This feature is available in v1.0.59 of the mobile app.

Flow Mobile Surveying users can update their mobile app from the Android or Apple store.

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