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Numbering Your Locations on Asbestos Survey Reports

Paul King
April 14, 2021

Clarity is everything when writing an inspection report.

Especially when your job is to identify and advise on dangerous substances, such as asbestos, there should be no ambiguity or room for misunderstanding. 😕

The purpose of your report is to keep your client safe, so their safety is your responsibility. 🦺

Why Number Your Locations?

Location numbering prevents misunderstanding.

Without a location-numbering system, clients can easily confuse one room with another. 

Confusion can arise if there are multiple rooms of a similar type, like bedrooms. Or hallways on different floors.

Location numbering is an excellent way to reinforce clarity and reduce ambiguity in your reports.

How Should you Number Your Locations?

Asbestos surveyors typically number their locations in *one-of-two* ways:

  1. Use a unique location number for each room. This numbering system is my personal preference as it removes any room for ambiguity.
  2. Use a unique location number for each room on a specific floor. The only difference here is that you "reset" the numbering when you get to the next level of the building.

Ultimately it's down to you to decide which numbering system to use. The important thing is to have a strategy and be consistent. Make sure you number your locations, in the same way each time.

Watch the video at the top of this page to see my tips for location numbering.

What's Your Strategy?

Do you have a helpful strategy for numbering your locations? 

Or a system to make numbering easier? 🧠 

Let me know your thoughts and feedback.

Let me know your thoughts on location numbering!

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