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Avoid Unpleasant Photo Storage Surprises

Paul King
July 8, 2020

In the next release of our Flow Mobile Surveying app, we're adding a new feature to help you manage your storage space and images better.

But Don’t Modern Phones Have Lots of Storage?

Yes, modern phones have ample storage space for images.

But we don't want you to run out of storage space in the middle of a survey - so we’re giving you tools to manage images when it suits you best. No more unpleasant storage space surprises when you're on-site!

Where Do You View Storage Space?

A circular indicator shows you the storage space at a glance. Everyone loves a circle!

You can see the percentage of space used, and the total remaining on the device. To access the storage indicator, go to the 'Media Uploads' section of the Flow Mobile Surveying app.

new feature showing storage space on the flow mobile surveying app


This is a small but handy feature which will ensure you don't accidentally run out of storage space. You can now see how much space you have on your mobile device, and plan accordingly.

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