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Create Reports Faster with Image Rotations

Paul King
May 16, 2020

At the heart of everything we do, is our desire to make the fastest surveying software.

So we’re always looking for new ways to make Flow Mobile Surveying faster.

A second saved here...

A second saved there...

...it all adds up to a fast product.

Small time-saving features may only save a few seconds or minutes on each report. But adding lots of small features can make a big difference!

So today I want to highlight a feature we’ve added this week, to help you with incorrectly rotated images.

The Camera Doesn’t Always get it Right.

When you’re out on site, you'll often find yourself in awkward positions. You'll end up taking photos of ceilings and floors, or corners, at strange angles.

When you take photos at strange angles, your phone gyroscope can get confused. So you might end up with a portrait photo when you expected a landscape one. Or some other odd behaviour.

We can’t fix that because it’s a hardware problem, but we can give you the software tools to make changes quickly.

With the right admin tools, you don’t need to worry about the orientation when taking photos on-site. You can make tweaks when creating your survey reports instead.

Re-orienting Photos Used to Take Minutes. Now it Takes Seconds.

Previously the process of downloading an image, rotating it, and re-uploading it, would take maybe a minute or so. Now the entire process takes seconds.

Fast photo orientation offers a significant time-saving, especially for big survey reports. We’re pleased to say this new feature helps with our goal to create high-quality reports, faster.


Our new image orientation feature means you can "fire and forget" on-site when taking photos. Tidy up your photos when you're in the office instead and save some time.

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