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Demcom Doubles Their Surveying Capacity with Flow

Paul King
November 9, 2020
demcom asbestos services logo

Demcom is a professional demolition and asbestos services company, operating across East Anglia.

They work closely with property developers, construction companies, and residential private clients. Founded in early 2020, with a strong focus on sustainability, Demcom is committed to operating in a way which is kind to the planet.

Demcom Asbestos Services is the latest company to join the Flow Mobile Surveying platform. This is a technological step forward for the new company; they expect to double their surveying workload, with the time they’ll save with Flow.

Outgrowing Microsoft Word

Director, Chris Cato approached us in mid-October, with interest in Flow Mobile Surveying.

Chris explained that Demcom had been using Word to produce their asbestos reports. This was a short-term solution for their new company. Now their workload was growing, and they needed to switch to something more sustainable.

Several big jobs with blocks of flats were on the horizon, so it was important to implement something quickly.

Keen to Innovate

The asbestos industry is a familiar one for Chris.

Chris has followed in his family footsteps, with his father, uncle, and brother all working in the same industry. He started in the ductwork industry, working at DCUK, before spending a couple of years at well-known asbestos services company, Anglian Demolition and Asbestos.

Chris explained (in a good-natured way) that he had tried many of the surveying apps on the market. So we were eager to see if our app met his expectations.

Getting Started With Flow

We showed Chris an online demo of Flow in the afternoon.

This wasn’t our smoothest demo, mind. Our co-founder, David kept putting a typo in during the demo - "Democon" instead of "Demcom". Chris saw the funny side though and laughed off our mistakes!

After the demo, Chris spent a couple of weeks testing the app to see if it was fit for purpose.

After a week, Chris said his managing director liked the app and wanted to move forward. The Flow Mobile Surveying app would remove many of the bottlenecks in their reporting process.

Feedback on the App

Chris had a few words to say about his experience using the app:

“To be honest its blown me away and so much easier and efficient to use than other products on the market.”

“The app is very good and very quick.”

…but this was our favourite comment of all:

Chris Cato Demcom director testimonial - workload can be doubled

That’s the kind of feedback we love to hear.

If we can make our clients more successful, everyone wins!


It’s early days for Demcom, but we can’t wait to see what they achieve.

Chris and the rest of the team will be using the app on some real projects this week. We’ll be keeping our eye on their first reports to make sure they hit the ground running. We have high hopes that we can surpass expectations and more than double their surveying capacity!

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