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Navigate Your Survey Reports Faster

Paul King
May 29, 2020

You can now navigate to relevant sections of your report, faster than ever.

We use a combination of quick links and page numbers, to save you time and help you issue reports to clients, quickly.

Who Will Benefit From Improved Navigation?

We've developed these navigation features with the end-users in mind. Over the life-cycle of your report, it will have multiple stakeholders.

Each stakeholder may have a different reason for viewing the report, for example:

What survey data have I captured?"

Finance staff
Can this report be invoiced yet?

Has this report been signed off yet?
Are there any quality control issues?

Is it safe to access this area of the building?
Can I do work on this part of the building?

What are the recommendations?


Each report now contains a well-structured index page, which is the primary method of navigation.

From this index page, you can navigate to any critical sections of your report, instantly. A real time-saving feature, we hope!

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