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Flow Software Solutions has New Offices in Hoults Yard

Paul King
September 30, 2019

Flow Software Solutions has taken up new residence in Hoults Yard in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Since launching our software product, Flow Mobile Surveying, the company has experienced a rapid increase in customers, so it was essential to find an office where we can continue to grow.

Flow Mobile Surveying lets surveyors perform on-site surveys using their phone or tablet, then create survey reports for clients. It builds on David King’s experience building NexGen, the surveying software that powers Lucion Services. NexGen gave Lucion a competitive advantage, and they are now the biggest asbestos surveying company in the UK.

So, why did we choose Hoults Yard?

We’ve visited Hoults Yards a lot over the years. When we started our first business about ten years ago, we used to attend networking events here, including the aptly-named “Think and a Drink” event.

Hoults Yard has changed a lot over the years. It has been re-branded, modernised, and is now a vibrant hub for innovative businesses.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the rich history of the place. Hoults Yard has been in the Hoults family for generations, and was once home to the horse-drawn removals company, “Hoults Removals”. You can still see this history in the cobbled pathways and old buildings.

hoults yard.jpg

The owner of Hoults Yard, Charlie Hoult, is a vocal supporter of the region. He's also forward-thinking and runs his own software company, so Hoults Yard has seen fantastic modernisation in recent years.  

Besides being an attractive place to work, Hoults Yard also enticed us with its:

  • Proximity to Newcastle City Center.
  • Cluster of technology businesses.
  • High-speed internet access.
  • Quiet spaces for focusing on programming tasks.
  • Communal areas to encourage community.

Our Experience so Far

Since moving to Hoults Yard, Flow Software Solutions has enjoyed a noticeable increase in productivity.

We’ve experienced a general improvement to our mental well-being - something that comes with working in a dynamic and fun work environment.

In a short space of time, the business has:

  • Taken on new customers at a rapid rate
  • Had some excellent PR
  • Expanded our network
  • Attended an expo
  • Released a new product
  • Won an Innovation Grant from the Innovation Supernetwork, worth £20,000

So far, so good!

The Fastest Asbestos Surveying Software

We've only been in Hoults Yard for a short time, but we’ve made some great progress with our surveying app, Flow Mobile Surveying.

As soon as we settled into our new office, we got to work making Flow Mobile Surveying faster. In a few short months, we're confident we've built the fastest surveying software on the market.

Our customers agree too, saying they have been highly impressed by the speed, and how useful Flow has been to their business.

Our Future Plans

So, what now?

Our customer growth has been encouraging, especially from asbestos management companies.

But we see other opportunities too….

That’s why we designed Flow Mobile Surveying to be flexible. So we can work with other industries.

  • Asbestos surveys.
  • Asbestos clearances.
  • Legionella risk assessments.
  • Fire risk assessments.
  • Lead paint inspections.
  • Ductwork inspections.
  • and more...

We are already starting to branch out from the Asbestos industry - exciting times!


Settling into our new office is a great milestone for our company. We hope it will make us productive, so we can make our surveying app unstoppable.

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