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IAQ Services Joins Flow for Faster Survey Report Turnaround

Paul King
August 11, 2020
Fire damper and ductwork inspection specialists, IAQ Services

We’re delighted to welcome ventilation maintenance experts, IAQ Services to our Flow Mobile Surveying platform.

We spoke with Managing Director, Ian Gregory about his company, and why he chose Flow to create his survey reports. Ian has a wealth of knowledge in the ventilation industry, and we look forward to drawing on his experience to expand Flow’s template library.

Tell me About IAQ Services And its History.

We’re a small family company, run by myself and my father, Alan Gregory.  

My father, Alan’s background, was sales and contract cleaning at board level. He started to look at ventilation hygiene in the late ’80s and has been at the forefront of the industry since, contributing to many standards we use today.  Alan is also a BESA Trustee.

I have over 25 years of experience at all levels, having worked for some of the key companies in the industry within supervisor, sales, and operations roles. I’m now the Managing Director of IAQ Services.

Together, my father and I now train many of the industries best technicians through BESA Trainings Competency Assessment schemes.

What Services do You Offer?

We offer indoor air quality testing, ventilation hygiene assessments, LEV Design, inspection & testing, Fire damper testing, Kitchen extract audits, Air change testing, expert witness services & Training.

What is The Culture Like at IAQ Services?

As a friendly and laid back family firm, all of our team works remotely from home, which is lucky in this current environment. Our staff are responsible for their workload, so they have a high degree of autonomy.

Everyone that works at IAQ has over ten years experience in their field, most have 25 years +, and we enjoy what we do, helping not just our customers but anyone who needs good independent advice.

What Are Your Ambitions For The Future?

To live in a Swiss ski chalet running my empire of autonomous robot ductwork inspectors!

Why Did You Start The Company?

There was a glaring gap in the market for an independent inspection company that people could turn to for solid advice, unfortunately, if you ask a ductwork cleaning company if your ductwork needs cleaning, most are going to say yes!

When Did You Realise You Needed a Software Solution?

I’ve known it for a few years now, but I’ve been waiting for the day that mobile phone camera technology could surpass digital cameras to enable us to integrate fully. The money I am saving by not having surveyors at home report writing more than pays for Flow.

Why Did You Choose Flow Mobile Surveying?

I was looking for a solution that was simple to use, and that didn’t require a massive culture change. Our back of house systems are already pretty tight, so we didn’t need all the bloat that many solutions come with that you have to use such as tracking, invoicing, etc.

Flow Mobile Surveying is highly configurable, and the team was excellent at turning what was in my head into a fantastic looking template, for all of the different services we offer.

Ian Gregory testimonial.png


IAQ Services are the first company to join the Flow Mobile Surveying platform, who specialise in Kitchen Extract Inspections. We will be developing other ductwork-related templates in the months to come, as we expect this to be a key growth area for our business.

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