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Leesafe Follows Apprentices Lead and Joins Flow

Paul King
September 17, 2020
Essex-based asbestos surveying and removal contractors, Leesafe

Report writing is taking too much time. Your backlog is piling up, what should you do?

Well, you could harness the technical curiosity of your apprentice and task them with searching the market to find the best surveying app. This is precisely the approach that Essex-based asbestos surveying consultancy, Leesafe took.

After searching the market, Leesafe decided that Flow Mobile Surveying was the best fit for their business.

Leesafe and sister company, Lee Environmental are the latest asbestos surveying companies to gain a technological edge, with Flow Mobile Surveying.

Established over 20 years ago, Leesafe is well known in the industry. The company offers a comprehensive service for all asbestos requirements.

Report Writing Was Too Time Consuming

The Leesafe team noticed that reporting was starting to become a painful area within the business. It was taking too long to write survey reports. The management team was keen to find a better solution for reporting.

Leesafe realised that by speeding up their report writing, they could spend more time on business development. So they started looking at alternative reporting solutions.

Alfie The Apprentice Took The Initiative

Fresh out of school, technical apprentice Alfie showed initiative by helping Leesafe move from paper-based reporting to our fast online alternative. Alfie has close ties with Leesafe, as his father has also worked in the company.

Alfie took the lead and worked with the Flow team to customise survey templates, set up users, and plan on-site testing for the app. Leesafe prides themselves on excellent quality, so the finished templates needed to reflect the quality of their work.

Once Leesafe's customisations were ready, experienced surveyors Joe and Alan tested the app on-site to make sure it was fit for purpose. After their first survey, they remarked that the software was easy to use and would save them a lot of time.

Leesafe technical apprentice Alfie Arnold tells us how Flow Mobile Surveying has improved surveying operationsa

The Future

We are delighted that Leesafe chose the Flow Mobile Surveying app. The surveying team is now creating high-quality asbestos survey reports faster than ever before.

We are looking forward to working with Leesafe and their apprentice Alfie; who has been a great help during the implementation of Flow, and is a real credit to their company.


Are you looking to modernise your surveying company with new technology?

Consider taking the lead from Leesafe and ask your technical apprentice to offer a fresh, young perspective.

Get in touch to see why Leesafe chose our Flow Mobile Surveying app.

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