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Morecroft Contractors get Productive with Flow

Paul King
September 26, 2020
New Zealand based, asbestos management company, Morecroft

Morecroft Contractors is a family business, founded in 1991.

The New Zealand based company are leaders in asbestos removal, hazardous materials management, and deconstruction. They are the latest asbestos surveyors to join the Flow Mobile Surveying platform.

Led by a team of experts, Morecroft are looking to expand their surveying department. Asbestos survey manager, Craig Mansell explained that increasing productivity was an essential first step, to allow Morecroft to grow effectively.

Increasing Productivity

Asbestos survey manager, Craig, contacted Flow Mobile Surveying after hearing positive reviews from another New Zealand based client, Consultex — thanks chaps!

Craig was keen to see how the app affected his report turnaround time and productivity. As a veteran of the asbestos surveying industry, Craig also wanted to compare Flow with the other asbestos surveying apps he was used to.

We set up a demo account, and Craig was quick to put the software to the test.

Craig's feedback was that the app was easy to use. That's great thing to hear. As software developers we want users to have an enjoyable experience!

Craig Morecroft - _very easy to u_ (1).png

Asbestos Surveys

Craig worked with Flow to get Morecroft’s templates just right — the mark of a true professional.  It’s excellent to work with someone with keen attention to detail.

We customised Morecroft's templates to include important information, based on Morecroft’s unique survey methodologies and recommendations.

After a few days, Craig was satisfied that the survey reports were up to a high enough standard. We finished the onboarding phase by designing one final template, for asbestos sample collection.

Off to a Good Start...

Within a few days, Craig created half a dozen professional-looking reports.

We reviewed the first reports, as we do for all clients.

Reviewing a client's first reports often highlights minor issues - and sometimes we offer more training. But in Craig’s case, there was no need; his survey reports were perfect!

Great start, guys. We’re excited to see what Morecroft Contractors and Flow achieve together.

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