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Online Asbestos Register - Coming Soon

Paul King
December 6, 2021

Tradespeople need to understand the risk areas within a building when carrying out refurbishment or demolition works.

You don't want to start smashing down a wall if there's a load of asbestos behind it!

If you're responsible for an occupied building, managing asbestos is your duty!

Asbestos is heavily regulated since it can cause serious health issues to anyone exposed to its airborne fibres. And its use in building materials has been banned in most countries.

In the UK, the Health and Safety body (HSE) states that anyone responsible for maintaining a building that may contain asbestos has a duty to manage asbestos risks, to protect its inhabitants.

So how exactly do you manage all the asbestos risks?

Managing your asbestos risks starts with a survey. You can identify asbestos risks by commissioning an asbestos survey from a trained asbestos professional. There are plenty to choose from on the UKAS website.

But what about when you have multiple properties or a large estate? Keeping track of various printed asbestos survey reports may not be easy to manage.

Your compliance risks, all in one place

To make it easier for Duty Holders to manage risks, we're developing an online Compliance Portal that lets you view and manage your compliance risks in one place.

Flow co-founder David King shares a sneak peek at the new online software, which lets you draw sites onto a map and create compliance tasks or risks.

An independent software platform - it's the ethical choice!

Our new Compliance Portal will operate as an independent, standalone software platform.

We believe that operating the Compliance Portal in this way is the most ethical choice. We don't want to force companies to use our asbestos reporting software, Flow Mobile Surveying.

That type of "vendor lock-in" behaviour is quite common in other software companies, and it leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

Companies should have the freedom to choose the best asbestos reporting software for their needs. Not the software dictated by their client or supplier. And that's the approach we want to take.

Seamless integration with Flow Mobile Surveying

While we plan to offer the new compliance portal independently, that doesn't mean we can't provide users of our asbestos reporting software with some significant advantages when using both platforms.

The excellent news for Flow Mobile Surveying users is that you'll be able to send your asbestos reports, tasks, and risks directly into the Compliance Portal. Nice!

What about the asbestos reports?

In the initial version, you'll be able to draw "zones" on a map 📍

And within each zone, you can create risks and tasks. But that's just the first step to our vision for the client portal.

Our next step will be to incorporate a document repository to upload and manage the PDF versions of your reports. These hard-copy reports are what you'll use to derive the compliance tasks and actions, so it's helpful to maintain a hard copy.

And we don't mind where the asbestos report comes from; it may be created with Flow Mobile Surveying, another asbestos software, or even manually using Microsoft Word.

Managing your asbestos risks

Depending on your country and the compliance type, you will quantify risks differently.

For example:

HSG 264 Standard (UK) 
In the UK, asbestos surveyors give asbestos a score between 2 and 12, based on the product type, the extent of damage, surface treatment, and asbestos type.

Worksafe Standard (New Zealand) 
In New Zealand, asbestos scores range from 1-9 because all asbestos fibres are treated as equally dangerous, unlike in the UK.

Online asbestos register or online asbestos management plan?

The Compliance Portal will be an online asbestos register, much like the UK National Asbestos Register (UKNAR) offers with their online asbestos register platform.

But our online portal will also let you create tasks and actions based on the recommendations of the asbestos professionals who carried out the surveys. 

So while the portal won't be a complete asbestos management plan, it'll include the recommendations and actions that let you manage asbestos effectively and keep your staff and contractors safe.

Managing Your Asbestos Risks

The first step to managing asbestos risks within your properties is to identify and assess the risks of any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's) present. 

To determine the ACM's and their risks, you will need to hire a suitably trained and competent person (usually an asbestos surveyor) to carry out an asbestos survey.

The surveyor will often take samples of suspected ACM's and send these off to a laboratory for analysis. Once analysed, the results form part of the report and inform the duty holder of any asbestos identified and its severity.

Compliance Portal due for release in 2022

We'll be releasing this feature in 2022. And we'll be improving and iterating as we go. If you're a surveying company or compliance manager and would like a demo, get in touch.

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