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📱 V1.0.32 - Pinpoint Your Addresses for Better Directions

David King
November 20, 2020

We've improved the way we handle addresses and coordinates. As ever, it's easy to use:

How Have Addresses Been Improved?

Several of our clients work in rural locations with sprawling postcodes. So being able to specify exact coordinates is essential for report accuracy. 

Being able to get directions from the app was another frequently requested feature.

What Does This Update Include?

Dashboard Updates

These changes are available instantly for all users:

  • Exact Map Locations. Drag the map marker to pinpoint specific building locations. Useful when adding addresses in rural areas, where postcodes cover large areas.
  • Edit Addresses. Make changes to addresses without having to remove and re-add the original address.
  • Automatic Map Marker Positions. The Dashboard makes a "best guess" about the position of map markers within a specific postcode.
  • Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN). Specify the UPRN for buildings. Useful when working with housing associations.

Mobile App

v1.0.32 has a few updates to improve addresses, including:

  • Get Directions. Tap the address to open Google Maps and get instant directions to your job.
  • Copy Addresses. A handy way to copy the job address if you use other route-planning apps, such as Waze.


This update gives you more control over addresses and lets you get directions from your app. Your reports will be more accurate than ever before.

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