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Reflecting on the last few years and our software pivot

Paul King
November 19, 2021

Two years ago, our co-founders David and Paul King teamed up to build Flow Mobile Surveying. But our story didn't start that way.

In the article below, published by the Northern Echo, the King brothers talk about how they started their business to solve a different problem, vehicle route planning.

Read the full Northern Echo article here

We struggled to get traction.

Vehicle route planning proved to be a hard nut to crack. The software was complex, although we eventually figured it out. But our problem was credibility. No one knew who we were!

And without credibility, we couldn't find enough early customers to validate our idea; our idea was dead in the water.

We moved into Asbestos surveying.

After struggling to gain traction in the logistics industry, we decided to change direction at the start of the Covid lockdown and solve a problem we had had more experience with, asbestos reporting 📄.

With David King's credibility in the asbestos industry as the software architect of the NexGen platform, we gained traction straight away and had no trouble finding clients. Our software pivot was a success!

Two years after winning our first customer, almost 100 companies on three continents now use Flow Mobile Surveying to create compliance reports.

Our First Hire - Hi Mark!

The most exciting milestone has been growing our team. We were keen to hire someone who had the right culture fit, so we hired an old school pal and technical expert, Mark Malone.

Mark has been a better hire than we could have hoped. Our clients seem to love working with him, and he's already an expert in building templates, freeing up our time in ways we never imagined.

What's Next?

Now that we've gained traction in the asbestos industry, we plan to move into new sectors, including Fire Safety 🔥 and Legionella 💧.

And then back to hiring; we hope to expand the team again in early 2022 once we've moved into a larger office space.

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