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Setup to Completed Survey Report in Under Three Hours

Paul King
October 19, 2020
Plymouth-based asbestos surveyor Tom Haddy

Tom Haddy is fast.

It was 12.51 pm on Friday when Tom called.

Tom runs a business called TDH Asbestos Surveying, based in Plymouth.

“Report writing is taking up all of my evenings and weekends. I like the look of your app. How quickly can you get me set up?” said Tom.

I looked at David King. I raised an eyebrow. David raised an eyebrow. Two eyebrows. Raised. No-one had asked us this question before. How quickly could we get Tom set up? An interesting challenge...

Our Fastest Setup Yet

16 minutes after our phone call, Tom was ready to go.

Not bad. The onboarding process is still fairly manual for now. As developers in a start-up, we sometimes joke that certain features are “held together with bits of string”. We’re still growing. We’ll automate it soon. We’ll get faster!

Tom hit us with another great line.

“I have a survey today, so I’ll try it out then”

Tom Haddy doesn’t mess around.

Tom’s First Report, Finished

By 3.30 pm, Tom had tested the app. He’d travelled to his client and completed the asbestos survey using the Flow app. No samples were needed. Just floorplans to draw.

In just over three hours, at 4 pm, Tom had joined Flow Mobile Surveying, completed his first job, and sent the report to his client. Amazing work Tom. You get things done.

Welcome to Flow Mobile Surveying, Tom

Tom has been freelancing for over a year.

But he’s not short of experience. He’s previously worked for companies like Bureau Veritas, Kovia, and Gilpin Demolition Group. So he knows the asbestos industry well.

Here’s what Tom had to say after completing his first survey report.

Tom Haddy asbestos surveyor testimonial - ease of app made me confident

We’re delighted to welcome Tom to the Flow Mobile Surveying platform.


We’re delighted to welcome Tom Haddy to the Flow Mobile Surveying platform. And we're pleased he was able to start surveying the same day he signed up.

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