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📱 v1.0.43 - View Your Weekly Jobs on the Mobile App

Paul King
May 15, 2021

The latest Mobile App release improves job visibility - and lets you see your entire week's jobs at a glance. This feature should be available on the app stores in the next couple of days.

Version 1.0.42, and below:

  • The job list showed your jobs for today.
  • You could select individual days using the calendar icon 🗓️.

But what if you wanted to view several days at once?

In version 1.0.42 and below, you'd need to view each calendar day individually. But selecting days one at a time could be frustrating if you were unsure of the Site Work date for your job.

Version 1.0.43, and above:

  • Jobs are easier to find.
  • You can see which dates have scheduled jobs.
  • The job list shows your jobs for the week.
  • You can select individual weeks using the calendar icon 🗓️.

This app release also paves the way for the Create Jobs on Mobile App feature (we'll be releasing this soon).

Updating your Mobile App:

David and I are excited to release this view weekly jobs feature. Over the last few months, it's been highly requested, and we think it will make using the mobile app more enjoyable.

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