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👋 Welcome August 2021 Clients

Paul King
August 31, 2021

As August draws to a close, the Flow Software Solutions team celebrates our best month yet, as we welcome our latest clients from the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

As usual, we've onboarded some well-established companies like Anchem Laboratories, but this month, it's all about the startups.

We Love Working With Startup Companies!

We always feel incredibly privileged to work with startup companies. Their excitement and nerves remind us of our startup journey over the past two years, and it feels like a real honour to be a part of their journey.

There are the usual demos and training for Flow Mobile Surveying (that's a given), but many startups also ask for advice on their new websites and business plans. And we're always happy to help out where we can, even if it's just lending an extra pair of eyes.

What's most satisfying about working with startup companies is that they usually start with a Microsoft Word template for their asbestos survey reports.

So the time saving when switching to our fast asbestos surveying software, Flow Mobile Surveying, can really transform a business.

Welcome New Clients

  • Anchem Laboratories - Established in May 2003, with over 27 years of experience, Anchem Laboratories is a multi-disciplinary company offering asbestos surveys, asbestos lab work, and asbestos air monitoring.
  • Beech Group - Beech Group was founded way back in 1963, and they offer much more than just asbestos services. We worked with new starter Richard Murphy as he heads up Beech Asbestos Consultancy Division.
  • Environmental Compliance Consultants - This new asbestos surveying company was already familiar with the Flow Mobile Surveying mobile app and software. One thing to say about this company, their cover page looks tremendous!
  • Heitrich - A new company run by Afwaan Miya, one of the friendliest chaps around. Heitrich may be a startup company, but Afwaan has no shortage of experience in the industry. When he first used the Flow Mobile Surveying app, Afwaan said, "I've used most software throughout the many years in the game, and honestly nothing comes close." - thanks, Afwaan!
  • Guard Environmental - With some big jobs taking place, Managing Director Mark Richardson needed software to speed up report writing, which took up to half a day with his old systems.
  • FRA Asbestos - If you ever get a chance to speak to Joe McEvilley, who runs FRA Asbestos, do it. He's quite a character (that's an understatement) and has already been an incredible champion for Flow. Thanks, Joe!
  • Asbestos 365 - Asbestos reports were taking hours to write. Asbestos 365 wanted to see how Flow compared to other software like TEAMS and Shine Asbestos, and they were pleasantly surprised.

My Favourite Conversation with a New Client

Afwaan Miya explained that he once met a man in an airport lounge in Dubai years ago. 

He loved the man's name, "Heitrich", so much that he told himself that one day he would have a company called Heitrich. Years later, now he does!

Want to Speed up Your Report Writing?

Are you an asbestos surveying company writing reports by hand or using old software? Flow Mobile Surveying can speed up your report turnaround and level up your business.

Speed up your report writing

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