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👋 Welcome January 2021 Clients

Paul King
January 31, 2021

A whole legion of asbestos surveying companies has joined Flow Mobile Surveying this month, including our first client from the United Arab Emirates, Anthesis.

Welcome, new asbestos surveying clients

Welcome to our new clients from the asbestos surveying world:

  • Anthesis:
    Anthesis is our first client in the UAE. We developed templates similar to the UK's HSG264 standard but with caveats depending on the Emirate.
  • Asbitec:
    When we first spoke to Asbitec back in 2020, they needed room notes to make Flow suitable for their work. After developing the room notes feature, Asbitec joined us this month to speed up their report writing for asbestos surveys.
  • Fibre Focussed Surveying:
    A new asbestos surveying company based in the UK. I'm sure they'll do great!
  • Orbit Environmental Solutions:
    Family run, Sussex based company Orbit Environmental offer asbestos surveys, reports, and lab testing. Adam Pullin gave us a great review after using Flow for a short time; thanks, Adam! 
  • John's Property Inspections:
    We were amazed that a Glaswegian chap, John, runs this New Zealand based company!

I'm amazed by the volume of jobs these small companies have raised within Flow Mobile Surveying in a short time. Inspiring.

Anthesis, our first client in the United Arab Emirates

Anthesis is an asbestos consulting and management service based in the Middle East. With a hefty contract on the horizon, Head of Environmental Services, Charles Faulkner, contacted the Flow Mobile Surveying team to implement a digital surveying solution.

Anthesis are an asbestos consultancy and management company based in the United Arab Emirates

We worked with Charles to develop an asbestos surveying template for the United Arab Emirates. Charles explained that each Emirate had different regulations, so the template needed to be flexible to allow for the differences in local laws.

Charles is an ex-pat, having lived in the UK before moving to the UAE. So the template we designed was similar to the UK's HSG 264 Standard. The only difference is that Charles can switch out information and caveats, depending on the Emirate where the survey takes place.

After chatting with Charles Faulkner over webcam - it turns out he used to live a couple of streets away from Flow co-founders, Paul and David King, while living in the UK. Small world!

Here's what Charles had this to say about their new asbestos surveying software:

Testimonial from Charles Faulkner, Head of Environmental Services at Anthesis

And welcome to new clients from other industries.

We don't advertise it much. But we also work with clients from other industries besides the asbestos services industry. 

So a warm welcome to our new clients from those industries too. It's been a pleasure getting to know you, and we're glad to have you on board!

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