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Where can you Find an Asbestos Management Survey Template?

Paul King
February 20, 2020

Your duty as an asbestos surveyor is to provide clients with clear, understandable survey reports.

Reports should be straightforward and readable, without industry jargon; the goal is to make it easy for your clients to protect tenants from asbestos hazards. So where can you find a good asbestos survey report template?

1. Make One Yourself

  • Price: Free

You could use the official guidance for writing an asbestos management plan on the HSE website and make your template from scratch.

We wrote a blog article recently on designing an asbestos management report, which goes into more depth on this. Just make sure you follow the relevant HSE recommendations.

Alternatively, if you know any asbestos surveyors, you could always ask for a copy of their template. Please don’t make an exact copy as it’s likely to be specific to that surveying company. But this is an excellent place to start, and there will be parts you can include in your template.

Like most industries, people move around. They change companies, become self-employed, or start businesses.

In the asbestos surveying industry, it’s not uncommon for surveyors to gain experience and then leave to start their own company. Independent surveyors often modify templates from previous companies, to make their versions. Make sure you follow the HSE guidelines.

2. Use HASpod

Haspod health and safety templates

Haspod is an excellent service, specialising in downloadable Health and Safety documents, including COSSH risk assessments. We have used their service, and it is as an excellent place to start when building templates.

You can choose to pay for a single document. Or if you require lots of templates, there’s also a membership option.

There are dozens of templates on their site for different types of survey templates besides asbestos, so it’s worth checking out their full library.

Templates are simple and easy to read. Haspod has a feature to edit the document and make simple changes. You will likely want to include your branding for personalisation.

3. Use Flow Mobile Surveying

Flow Surveying Software

Instead of using a template, you could use surveying software instead. This will let you carry our surveys and create reports, using pre-built asbestos survey templates.

Flow Mobile Surveying is a mobile app that lets surveyors create high-quality survey reports, quickly. You can collect survey data using your IOS or Android phone or iPad, then create PDF reports for clients.

The software has pre-built templates for asbestos surveying.

  • Management surveys.
  • Refurbishment surveys.
  • Demolition surveys.
  • Four-stage clearance certificates.

4. User Another Software Product

Naturally, we would recommend Flow Mobile Surveying.

However, if our product doesn’t meet your needs, other software tools can help you collect on-site data and create asbestos management reports. Websites for these software companies are listed below:

Some companies offer one default template for free and charge for additional ones.

5. Hire an Asbestos Surveyor or Consultant

Another option is to hire an asbestos management consultant. A Google search should find local companies offering asbestos consultancy services.

If you’re hiring an external consultant, make sure you check that they have the required accreditation and training.

A consultant can work with both individual duty holders and teams, providing advice on report writing, training, and compliance. They can develop, review and update your asbestos management plan.

Asbestos surveyors should have UKAS accreditation, so check the UKAS database to make sure they are appropriately accredited, to ensure they have technical competence. Also, check the HSA guidance on selecting a competent surveyor.


We've outlined several ways you can create an asbestos management report template. Generally speaking, most people find a template or two they like and use this as a starting point to make their own. Just make sure you stick to the HSG 264 guidelines.

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