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Should You Switch Asbestos Surveying Software?

Should you switch your asbestos surveying software to a modern alternative?

So you’ve been using TEAMS, Alpha Tracker®, Shine, or another system for a while now. It feels comfortable. Sticking with what you know always is. But have you considered that sticking with the status quo might be harming your business?

Not "harming" in the real sense, I'm sure your software helps your business in lots of ways. But being shackled to older software could be a hidden choke point in your business. Your software system might be slowing down your growth, without you even realising it.

It might be time to switch to another asbestos surveying software. So when should you consider switching to a modern software product like Flow Mobile Surveying, and when should you stick with the system you already have?

There’s a lot to gain by changing surveying software, and a lot to lose by being complacent.

What Happens if you do...Nothing?

Let’s start by looking at the most comfortable option. What happens if you follow in the footsteps of the mighty sloth, and do...nothing?

Doing nothing won't cause your business to fall apart. It might seem appealing. Everything will continue as it’s always been, at least in the short term.

But in the long term, your fortunes will rise or fall, depending on how well your software solves your everyday business challenges. Particularly how quick and easy it is to create asbestos survey reports.

The time it takes to create and complete reports can have a massive impact on your business.

New Zealand-based asbestos surveying company, Consultex understands the importance of fast report turnaround. Consultex experienced a massive 300% increase in sales in four-months, since switching from Word to Flow Mobile Surveying.

Should you Consider Switching Software?

Scenario 1:
Your current software isn’t the best. It’s not innovating quickly compared to others on the market.

Perhaps your software was the leader of the pack once upon a time. But now the technology feels old and outdated. It’s easy to become complacent if you’ve been running your operations the same way for a long time.

With inferior software, 'doing nothing' will harm your business in the long run. Your business will become less profitable, less competitive, and less enjoyable to run. Over time, you’ll notice a gradual decline in sales and productivity. 

You'll look at your competitors and wonder why they're doing better than you. Your software will become a choke-point, sucking the profits from your business, and you won't even realise it.

Trying to grow your business with inadequate systems is frustrating and challenging. So if you think your software has lost its edge, you should consider switching software.

Scenario 2:
Your current software is already the best on the market. It’s continuously innovating and improving.

Great, you’re operations are already slicker than a pair of buttered otters. There’s no sense in switching software. No need to waste your time by reading the rest of this guide, old chum☺️. Your slick and modern software already solves your fundamental business challenges.

Your systems will help you stay ahead of the pack. Your profits will increase, and you’ll continue to run an enjoyable, stress-free business.

What can you Gain From Switching?

Switching asbestos surveying software can offer many benefits—both financially and operationally. Here are some of the benefits you can gain from switching software (assuming the pros outweigh the cons).

Higher Profits

It takes around two hours to create an asbestos survey report manually. Automating your report writing using "one-click reporting" can have a significant effect on your bottom line.

Instead of spending two hours writing reports, your surveyors can spend two hours on profit-generating activities instead.

More Reports:

Fast report turnaround lets your surveyors focus on profit-making activities. That means less time spent in the office and more time surveying. 

One of our clients experienced a 300% increase in reports since switching to Flow Mobile Surveying. They credited this with being able to spend more time on sales outreach.

Improved Staff Morale

Think of your asbestos surveying app like a well-worn tool in your toolbox. Your surveyors use it every day, sometimes for several hours at a time.

Your surveyors want to get on with the job they're skilled at. So if your surveying app is frustrating to use, staff morale will suffer. Switching to a more enjoyable app can drastically improve staff morale.

Better Staff Retention

“Staff members have quit from frustration” - an operations manager recently told me. They explained that surveyors had quit after struggling to get to grips with their surveying app.

This is an example of how switching to a user-friendly surveying app can help you retain skilled surveyors.

Higher Life Time Value (LTV)

Dazzling your customers with high-quality reports and fast report turnaround will make them happy. Happy customers mean more repeat work and higher future deal values. Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than non customer-centric companies.

So switching to a better surveying software will affect your top-line sales, as well as your efficiency.

Warning Indicators That You Need to Switch Software

When a light bulb stops working, you know it’s time to replace the bulb. So how do you know when it’s time to change your software?

Here are some triggers to watch out for. These may indicate that you need to modernise your surveying software.

  1. Your surveyors prefer to use another product.
  2. Your competitors are moving towards modern surveying apps.
  3. Your software provider doesn't seem to innovate anymore.
  4. You find it difficult to keep up with the competition.
  5. Your software doesn't feel "modern" compared to other apps.
  6. Your software isn’t very flexible.
  7. You're constantly making excuses for your software.

These triggers are opportunities to look at your systems and see if there's room for improvement.

Practical Concerns to Switching Software

Your surveying software is a critical part of your day-to-day business operations, so it’s natural to have some concerns about switching.

  • How do you move your data over? 
  • Will your team enjoy using it? 
  • Will it be reliable? 
  • What about your existing contract?
  • Will you get value for money? 

You can answer most of these concerns before you commit to switching. Ask the software provider for a software trial, so you can put the software through its paces. You should also request a consultation to discuss the technicalities of switching products.

Are you locked into a fixed-term contract? Some software suppliers (including ourselves) may offer to cover some of the switching cost. So it’s worth asking about this too.

The Pro's and Con's of Switching Surveying Software

Changing software is daunting. So it’s wise to weigh up the PROS and CONS of switching. One software product may be the perfect solution for your competitor, but not for you. What’s “best” depends on your company processes.

Some things to consider when switching:

Does it solve the business challenges your current software solves?

Start by figuring out the “must-dos” and “nice-to-dos” for your business. Think in terms of problems and solutions rather than features (software products can solve the same problem in different ways). At the very least, make sure the new software solves all of your "must-dos".

Does it solve any business challenges your current software CAN'T solve?

Are there any frustrating “gaps” in your current software? Potential areas for improvement which would help your business operate better? For example; integrations with third-party apps, or templates which don’t exist in your current software?

Will your staff need to be retrained?

Modern software usually requires little or no training. But it's worth finding out whether the software provider has a knowledgebase and training support. Your surveyors and management team will need different types of training, to make sure they can do their jobs properly.

Does it offer good value?

I’m not talking about pricing here. I'm talking about value. How much will the new software increase your revenue, compared to the cost? Will it have a 5x return on investment? A 10x return on investment? If you’re not sure, ask the software provider if they have a value-calculator or case studies.


Switching asbestos surveying software can be daunting. Especially if you’ve used a software product for a long time. But the benefits of switching can dwarf the drawbacks, especially in the long term.