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How to Win More Surveying Work

Find and win more surveying work, all year round.

It’s important to constantly fill your sales pipeline with new opportunities, especially during the busy times - when work can suddenly dry up afterwards.

So, how can you win more work?

Google Business

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Registering your business on Google Business is a no-brainer.

As a surveying company, you rely on people finding you when they need your services. Google Business is the ultimate business directory. It makes you easier to find in the search results.

Key Partnerships

Time needed: varies

The best type of work is the regular work. Partner up with companies who are the first to know about surveying work. Become their go-to-surveyor and you'll get a constant stream of warm leads.

For example; asbestos surveyors can form key partnerships with architects, building companies, demolition companies, and insurance companies.


Time needed: 1 minute per job.

There’s a ton of new work sitting waiting for you. It’s in that dusty file in the corner of your office.

Re-inspections are a great source of new work. You don’t need to find new clients. You already have clients. They just need a reminder that their re-inspection is due.

Get into the habit of scheduling a reminder when you finish a job, so you know when the re-inspection is due.

Celebrate Your Victories Online

Time needed: 30 minutes per week.

Online networking is the home of the “humble brag”.

Professional business networks like LinkedIn are the perfect place to talk about new client wins, interesting projects, team news, and company growth.

Keep your writing conversational and establish your credibility in the industry. Tell stories, and focus on others rather than yourself.

Organic SEO

Time needed: At least 60 minutes per week.

Organic SEO can lead to hundreds of inquiries every month.

To improve your SEO, you need to get into the habit of creating content for your website. You can hire companies to perform SEO for you. This is normally done on a retainer agreement.

Alternatively, you can do SEO yourself. It just requires some patience, writing skill, and consistency.

Track your keyword positions over time using tools such as Ubersuggest or Seobility. These will also give you ideas for content to write.

Online Paid Ads

Time needed: 1 day to create ads. Ongoing work.

If you have some money in the bank, online paid ads may be a good option.

You create a campaign, choose some industry-specific keywords to target, set an upper spend limit, then let the campaign work.

Google ads are usually the best platform for paid ads. Your ads will appear in the Google search results, so there’s a high volume of potential customers.


Time needed: 30 minutes per day

50% of our work came from LinkedIn last year. It's a powerful networking and marketing tool.

To get the most out of LinkedIn:

  • Participate in discussions with industry peers.
  • Write valuable content.
  • Tag relevant companies and people.
  • Be consistent.
  • Post regularly; at least once a week, or once a day to stay 'top-of-mind'.


Time needed: Depends on tender size. Hours or days.

Tenders are competitive, but they offer excellent long-term work.

Tenders usually run for a fixed period and provide predictable income. Fixed, long-term contracts are attractive for large surveying companies.

You can write tenders yourself, Or hire professional bid writers to increase your chances of winning.

Partner with Other Surveyors

Time needed: Ongoing

While speaking to building managers, you'll often learn about opportunities for other types of surveyors. Don't squander these leads, pass them on and strengthen your relationships.

Mutual referrals cost nothing. This makes them a great source of new clients.


Time needed: 5 minutes per job

Asking for referrals from happy clients should be part of your sales cycle.

Check out this advice on how to ask for a referral. If you want to win more referrals, you should also give more referrals. Get into a referral mindset!

Industry-Specific Events

Time needed: Half a day to several days per event

Industry-specific networking events are a great way to find new work.

  • Asbestos surveyors - attend events like Asbestos The Truth.
  • Ductwork professionals - attend events organised by Naaduk or Besa Group.
  • Events for accreditation or training bodies in your industry.

Give Reviews, and Referrals

Time needed: 10 minutes each

Have you had good interactions with a client or supplier?

Giving testimonials, reviews, and referrals will often prompt clients to return the favour.

Give their business a quick review on Google. Search for their business and if a Google Business page appears, leave a review and a 5-star rating. It doesn’t need to be long. Or provide a personal recommendation on LinkedIn.


There are lots of different ways to win work for your surveying company. Choose the techniques that play to your strengths. Make the most of your skills and network - and you'll find work all year round.