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Team Communication

How do you communicate your diary and upcoming jobs to staff members and administrators? And how do they communicate back?

Poor team communication causes stress and confusion between admin staff and surveyors. But when communication is good, your whole team will enjoy a more peaceful day. Follow these tips to improve your team's communication.

  • Share your calendars to see what your team is doing at a glance
    Subscribe to your team's calendars to see what everyone is doing at a glance — we use Google Calendar, which colour codes each team member. You can also use an app like Fantastical to view calendars from multiple services at once.
  • Reduce telephone "ping pong" — too much of this is a sign that your systems and processes need updating
    If your surveyors regularly need to phone the office to find out information about a job — whether it's to find out their next job, get directions, or some other reason — it's a clear signal that your internal systems need updating.

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