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Floorplan Software for Asbestos Surveyors

Good floorplan software is essential for creating high-quality asbestos reports.

Floorplan software

After countless conversations with asbestos surveyors about what floorplan software they use, I've compiled the list below which you'll hopefully find useful. I'm no expert, so I suggest doing your own research before choosing a software product.

I've summarised each product below and included first-hand comments from our community where possible. The software products are in no particular order, so just because a product is higher up, that doesn't mean it's better.

Please note that some of these products are limited to specific devices (e.g. iOS), so make sure the software works with your mobile device or office hardware.

I've compiled this article using the information available to me at the time, so if anything is incorrect please let me know.

1) Floorplan Creator

Floorplan Creator lets you create detailed floorplans. The website says that it's "fast and precise" and it offers lots of features including a customisable symbol library. This software is available for Android and browsers.

Our clients mention this software product a lot, and the price is great, making it a good choice for start-ups.

  • Platforms: Android, Browser
  • Exports to: Image, PDF (print to scale), DXF (2D), SVG.
  • Free tier: Yes
  • Price: ¬£6.52 / month

Community feedback:

"Simple and cost-effective."
- Daniel Albert - Fusion Technical Asbestos Services
"We're happy with Floorplan Creator."
- Debbie Cahill - One Housing

Screenshots and examples:

2) MagicPlan

This floorplan software offers a touch of "magic". Simply walk around a room and point your camera at different points. Then the app will convert the data into a 2d/3d floorplan automatically, amazing!

Check out this awesome video of the app in action.

  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Exports to: PDF, JPEG, SVG, PNG, DXF, and more.
  • Free tier: Yes
  • Pricing: ¬£9.99 / month

Community feedback:

"Works a treat!"
- Muhaimen Siddique - Adams Environmental


Magicplan floorplan


3) Microsoft Visio

View Microsoft website

Another popular choice among our asbestos surveyors, Microsoft Visio is a well-known floor planning software. And you can bet that with Microsoft behind it, the product is well maintained.

  • Platforms:¬†Web app, Browser
  • Exports to: Image, PDF, CAD
  • Free tier:¬†No
  • Pricing: ¬£11.30 / month

Community feedback:

No feedback from our community yet...


Microsoft Visio floorplan


4) Floorplans Pro

Download from the App Store

Floorplans Pro is a user-friendly floor plan creation tool available for the iPad. There's a low cost, one-time purchase, and no ongoing cost, so it's great for those on a budget.

Community feedback:

"Small in-app purchase, but very simple and easy to use"
- Ian Wakeham - Wakeham Asbestos


Floorplans Pro Floorplan


5) Room Sketcher

Create floor plans with this drag-and-drop software. You can draw a floorplan in minutes in either 2D or 3D.

  • Platforms:¬†iOS, Browser
  • Exports to: PDF, JPG, PNG
  • Free tier:¬†Yes
  • Pricing: $99/year

Community feedback:

"We use room sketcher, although it has its flaws."
- Ben Alford - Aerem Limited


Roomsketcher floorplan


6) Floorplanner

Draw accurate 2D plans within minutes, this software has a library of over 150,000+ items to choose from. The software lets you render 2D & 3D images from your designs with a few clicks.

Community feedback:

No feedback from our community yet...

Examples: floorplan


7) AutoCAD

View Autodesk website

AutoCAD is a fair bit pricier than other floorplan software on this list. And it's more complex. But if you're doing a high volume and don't mind a bit of extra complexity, it may be a good option.

  • Platforms:¬†Browser
  • Exports to: DXF, DWG¬†
  • Free tier:¬†No
  • Pricing: ¬£246/month

Community feedback:

No feedback from our community yet...


AutoCAD floorplan

8) ZPlan

View ZPlan website

ZPlan offer a tiered subscription of 20, 50 or 100 plans/month (or a per-plan rate), 2D and 3D plans and a 'You Sketch, We Draw' service.

Community feedback:

No feedback from our community yet...


ZPlan floorplan

Closing Thoughts

There are lots of floorplan software products available and what's "best" will depend on your way of working.

You'll need to consider whether you'll be drawing floorplans on-site (in which case you'll need software that works on a mobile device), or whether you'll only draw plans in the office.

Any of the floorplan design tools listed above should work with Flow Mobile Surveying. Simply draw your plans using your software product of choice, then upload the finished plans to your survey reports.