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How to import PDF files to your report

You can import PDFs into your report on the Dashboard. They'll be automatically converted into individual images and inserted into your survey report.

1. On the Dashboard, open your report.

2. Expand the Section that accepts attachments.

3. Click the Import PDF button.

4. Click Choose file and browse to and select your PDF or Drag and drop your PDF into the designated box.

Choose file or Drag and drop

5. Select individual pages to be included or check Select all, then click Submit.

Select pages to be included or 'Select all'

6. A new item will be created for each page of the PDF. The page number, image, paper size and orientation are automatically set for you.

7. Each new item is Highlighted for Review. You'll need to review and save each item. As you can see below, I need to set the Type for this import.

Import PDF
Import PDF document


  • You can import PDFs on the Dashboard.
  • The Import PDF button is visible on valid sections, like Attachments.
  • Importing will create a new item for each page of the PDF.
  • After importing, you will need to review each item, completing any missing fields such as 'Type' and 'Title'.