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Sometimes, you may need help from the Flow team. For example, if something isn't working correctly or you need changes to a report template.

In these cases, you can raise a support ticket.

Have you checked the Knowledge Base?

Before raising a support ticket, we recommend Checking the Knowledge Base first. There's a good chance you'll find the answer to your question there.

Checked the knowledge base and still need help?

Here are two ways to raise a support ticket:

Raising support tickets via the Dashboard (recommended)

1. Navigate to the Dashboard.

2. Click on the Contact Support icon (envelope).

Contact Support icon on Dashboard

3. Select Submit Ticket to request support.

4. Fill in the required details:

Category - Choose a category for your support request:

  • Flow Mobile Bugs - Report unexpected behaviour with the Mobile App or Dashboard.
  • Flow Mobile Support - General queries, issues, or questions about using the product.
  • Flow Mobile Template Support - Request changes to templates or layouts. Or ask for help on how to use and configure templates.

Subject - Enter a brief description of your support request.

  • Message - Enter your reason for raising a ticket. Providing as much pertinent information as possible reduces the time to resolve your issue.
  • Add CC / Add BCC - If you want to include anyone else in the ticket, enter their email address.
  • Attach a File - If your support request would benefit from sending us a file, attach it here. For example, if you want a new logo to appear on your reports.
  • I'm not a robot - We only provide support to sentient lifeforms who can fill in the form. If you can tick this box, we're happy to help 😉.

Raising support tickets via the Dashboard is recommended because you can see the progress of any previous support requests.

Raising support tickets by email

An alternative way to raise support ticket is to email

To ensure a fast response from our support team, please include the following:

  • Subject Line: Summarise your support request in a few words.
  • Email Body: Clearly explain your problem or question.
  • Attachments: Include relevant examples and screenshots.
Note: Raising support ticket by email is ok, but we recommend raising them via the Dashboard if possible.