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Report templates can be configured to allow you to add multiple items at once, to save time when carrying out repetitive tasks – a time-saving feature also known as "presets".

If your template has presets enabled you'll see an Add Preset button in any section where presets can be added. This will most commonly be found in the 'Inspection' section.

Note: Presets are created and managed by the Flow team, so if you'd like presets enabled on any of your report templates get in touch to discuss it.

How to add multiple items

1. Navigate to the relevant section of your report template.

2. Tap the Add Preset button.

3. Select the preset you'd like to add.

Note: The number on the right indicates how many items will be added to the Inspection list.

4. Fill in the fields and tap Save.

5. All records created by the Preset are marked for review – as you can see from the red highlighting – prompting you to complete any missing data.

Adding a preset
Adding a Preset

In this example, you can see that the Preset created two records:

  • One 'Location' record
  • One 'Item' record

The 'Item' record contains the Building, Level, and Location data entered in step 3, as well as 'Suspect Asbestos?', 'Inspection Strategy', and 'Sample Type'.

Example of what a preset has added.