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This article explains how to create a Statement of Cleanliness report. You can issue a Statement of Cleanliness report to clients following non-licensed removal works to show that you've carried out the work and cleaned up correctly.

Note: This walkthrough uses the 'Asbestos Statement of Cleanliness v2' template.

Template Details

  • Template: Asbestos Statement of Cleanliness v2
  • Standard: Industry practice
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Used by: Asbestos removal professionals
  • Used for: Non-licensed asbestos removal works

Preview an example report using this template

Before the Removal Works

Before going on-site, complete these steps using the Dashboard.

1. Schedule a Job

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Schedule a Job.

2. Create the Report

  1. Navigate to the new job.
  2. Click Add a Report.
  3. Select the 'Asbestos Statement of Cleanliness v2' template.

3. Add the Scope of Work and Site Description

In the office, you can complete the scope and site-description before going to the site. These will serve as as a useful reminder for your removal team when they're on site.

Navigate to the 'Scope, Site Description & Cover Photo' section.

Complete the 'Location of Works' and 'Description of Works' fields

During the Removal Works

The following steps are completed on-site using the Mobile App.

1. Upload a Cover Page Photo

  1. Navigate to the 'Scope, Site Description & Cover Photo' section.
  2. Take a photo for your cover page.
Tip: Landscape photos generally look best.

2. Complete the Visual Inspection

  1. Navigate to the 'Visual Examination' section.
  2. Complete this section answering all of the questions.

3. Add Photographic Evidence

  1. Navigate to the 'Photos' section.
  2. Take as many relevant photos of the removal works as you want to show your client. 
Tip: You may want to capture before and after photos or other photographic evidence, for example the work area or transit route.

4. Declarations

Once the work is complete, the operative can sign off the report. You may ask your client to sign off the report too at this stage to indicate they're happy with the work.

After the Removal Works

After the removal works, you can either issue the report on-site using the Mobile App. Or later in the office using the Dashboard.