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After your asbestos survey is complete, and any samples have been analysed by the lab, you'll need to add the sample results into your report.

Adding Sample Results

There are two parts to adding sample results into your Flow Mobile Surveying report.

Step 1 - Upload the Bulk Certificate

It's common practice to embed the Bulk Certificate from your lab within your survey report. It's evidence that backs up your findings and recommendations to your client.

The lab will usually provide the Bulk Certificate as PDF file, and you'll want to upload and include each page within your report.

You can use our Import PDF feature to make this process straightforward. Importing the PDF file automatically converts each page into images and embeds them within your report.

1. On the Dashboard, browse to the report.

2. Select Attachments:

3. Click Import PDF:

4. Select the PDF file from your computer – this will be automatically converted into separate images within your report.

5. The newly converted images will be highlighted for your attention. You'll need to work your way through each highlighted image and include any missing information.

Step 2 - Enter the Sample Results

Now you'll need to enter the sample results to tell Flow which sampled items contained asbestos and which ones were negative (aka NADIS - "No Asbestos Detected in Sample")

Entering sample results is a manual process. You'll do this within the Sample Results section of the report.

1. On the Dashboard, browse to the report.

2. Select Sample Results:

3. Click Add Item:

4. Enter the Sample ID and Fibre Type.

Please note: The Sample ID must exactly match the one shown in the inspection items.