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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Glasgow-based asbestos consultancy Asco Asbestos previously used Microsoft Word to create survey reports for clients.

Since switching to Flow Mobile Surveying for the fast turnaround of reports, Asco Asbestos has saved hours of report writing, and now has the capacity to expand its workforce.

  • 7 days of report writing saved for a single street.
  • Same-day turnaround on survey reports.


Asco Asbestos recently surveyed a street with 20 houses on each side. Surveying the street's left side led to a gruelling eight days of report writing.

Managing Director David realised that the time spent writing reports was a lost opportunity, especially given his salesmanship skills. The time would be better spent looking for new clients.

Approach and Testing

Asco Asbestos worked with the Flow team to develop custom templates for Asbestos Surveys, including a bespoke cover page, report caveats, and workflow.

David tested the app by surveying the opposite side of the same street he'd surveyed previously without Flow Mobile Surveying.

This time instead of taking eight days to write reports in Word, with the Flow mobile app, the total time to report on all 20 houses was one daya saving of seven days.


  • 24-hour setup.
  • Same-day report turnaround.
  • Customised reports.
  • Saved seven days of report writing in a single street.
  • Increased work volume.


By speeding up report writing, Asco Asbestos has been able to take on more survey jobs. The company can now offer a same-day turnaround of survey reports to their clients.

"To say I am looking forward to this year is a massive understatement. Thank you Paul and David." - David Shiels