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You can assign surveyors to a job and report independently from one another.

This level of control means you can assign multiple surveyors to a job but only include the relevant surveyors in the final report.

Assigned surveyors vs contributors:

The best way to explain the difference between assigned surveyors and contributors is with an example.

Three users have been assigned to a job to carry out an Asbestos Survey:

  • David King
  • Paul King
  • Mark Malone

The job covers two buildings; David will survey the smaller building, while Paul and Mark survey the larger structure.

The client wants two separate reports to be issued. So two reports are added to the job, one for each building.

Job showing 3 assignees and 2 reports

We now need to update each report to show the surveyors that worked on that building.

It wouldn't make sense to have all three surveyors' names on both reports since that wasn't what happened in reality.

Firstly, we ensure that David is the only contributor on his report by clicking Edit Report and removing Paul and Mark as contributors.

Set single contributor

Now when viewing the report, David is the only surveyor listed in Report Details:

Display single contributor

The same steps can be followed for Paul and Mark's survey to ensure that David is not listed as a contributor. This process can be repeated indefinitely, enabling large jobs to be split into smaller, more manageable surveys.