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We have a library of pre-built report templates for Flow Mobile Surveying. Templates from our template library are free of charge.

But what if you need something different? For example, a template for a service that only your company offers?

In these cases, our team of expert template developers can create a bespoke template for you that will work with the Flow app.

What is the cost?

When writing this article, we charge £300 for half a day of bespoke template development.

We bill for template development in half-day blocks.

So let's say your template takes around two days; the total cost for the work will be £1200.

How does the process work?

1. Schedule a meeting with the Flow team, or raise a support ticket and explain what you need.

2. Send a copy of your template that we can use as a reference.

3. We'll develop the template and let you know when it's ready.