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Mastering Flow Mobile

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New Zealand-based asbestos consultancy, Consultex Environmental, was started by four hard-working surveyors during the Coronavirus lock-down. Consultex has experienced rapid growth since joining the Flow Mobile App.

  • 300% increase in job volume.
  • 90 minutes saved / job.
  • 127 hours saved / month.


Reports were taking hours to write manually using Microsoft Word.

The Consultex team were spending evenings and weekends writing reports instead of enjoying down-time with their families.

Managing Director, Ben Alford wanted to grow his new business quickly but realised his team would burn out using their current systems.


Consultex chose Flow because of its speed, ease-of-use, and reliability. And our quick setup times meant they could get started right away.

Consultex worked with the Flow team to develop custom templates for Asbestos Surveys and Four-stage Asbestos Clearance Certificates, following New Zealand's Worksafe Standard.


After switching to Flow, Consultex had more free time to focus on site-work.

As a result, they experienced a 300% increase in jobs in the first four months, rising from 25 jobs in June to over 75 jobs in September.

Consultex have since grown the team. They now employing ten full time staff members for the environmental side of the business as well as additional staff members in the laboratory.


Switching from Microsoft Word to Flow Mobile Surveying has reduced report writing from hours to minutes.

Less time writing reports has allowed Consultex to spend more time on sales activities. Their ability to turnaround fast, accurate reports has secured new clients and led to a 300% increase in jobs in the first four months.