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Using the Mobile App, wherever you have access to the Tree View, you can copy multiple records at once.

Copying multiple items is a time-saving feature that reduces repetition when creating inspection items, so you don't have to create each item individually.

When might you copy multiple items?

One situation when you might copy multiple items is when surveying a building with almost-identical rooms, such as a hospital.

Rather than re-creating each room from scratch, you can copy all the inspection items from a previously-surveyed room – saving manual data entry – and then make the necessary corrections.

How to copy multiple items at once

1. Navigate to the inspection list on the Mobile App.

2. Tap the Group Actions button next to the group you want to copy.

3. Tap Copy All items.

4. Make the required changes.

Tip: The information you enter here will be used to create the new group.

5. Save the changes.

Copying multiple items at once
Copying multiple items at once

All inspection items from the original group will be copied into a new group with the name you specified – while the original group remains unchanged.

Each inspection item in the new group will be marked for review.

The final step is to work through each new item, making the necessary corrections as you go, then save the item to remove the red highlighting.