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Want to make a lasting impression on your clients? Start by customising your cover page.

Your cover page is the first thing your client sees when they read your reports. It's a great place to introduce your company and show off your branding and any other services you offer.

Cover page design service

We like to leave designing to the experts. That's why we've teamed up with a creative agency, THAT Branding Company, and they'll work with you to create a unique cover page for your business.

💡 Don't be afraid to make your cover page different to help you stand out from your competition!

What's the process?

THAT Branding Company will create several mockups based on your website and other branding documents. Once your design is ready, the Flow team will convert it into HTML code and add it to your survey reports.

1. Get in touch and request a custom cover page.

2. We'll introduce you to our trusted branding expert at THAT Branding Company.

3. They'll mock up some designs.

4. You'll choose a design.

5. Work begins.

Note: You can decide to stick with the default cover page at any point during this process. We won't be offended as we know design is subjective!

What's the cost?

First cover page:

We want your reports to be the best looking reports in the industry. So your first custom cover page is free to you. When your reports look good, it helps us win new clients, so we're not entirely bonkers 😉

Additional cover pages:

After your first custom cover page, if you need additional designs, we'll only charge you what it costs us (usually around £150). Alternatively, you can revert to the default cover page anytime at no cost.

How long does the process take?

Depending on workload, the design process can take several days or weeks. Please be patient during this time, as there's a fair bit of work involved.

Looking for some inspiration?

Even Michelangelo needed his muse. Check out these cover pages we've designed for our clients - Cover Page Examples

Interested in a custom cover page?

Get in touch for further details.