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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Anywhere you see a magnifying glass next to a form field, you can tap the icon to view a list of pre-defined options to save you from manually typing the same values each time.

Selecting values from a Lookup List

1. Tap the magnifying glass icon next to the relevant field.

2. Select the value you want – you can optionally start typing into the search field to filter results further.

Note: The number next to each list option shows how many times you've previously selected that value within this report.

3. Tap the value in the list to prefill the form field.

Lookup list example.

Previous values are remembered

When you use the Mobile App to collect survey data, we remember your previous values and make these available in dropdown lists for quick selection to speed up data collection.

For example:

1. Let's create an inspection item with a new material of 'Jelly'.

2. Save the item.

3. Now create a new inspection item and tap the magnifying glass next to the material input.

4. The new material 'Jelly' is now available in the dropdown for quick selection.

Previous values remembered example
Previous values are remembered