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Mastering Flow Mobile

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You can view the status of your outstanding support requests at any time via the Dashboard.

Viewing your existing support requests:

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

2. Click on the Menu icon (three dots)

3. Click My Support Tickets.

If you don't see your outstanding requests straight away, click My Tickets in the top-right corner.

Ticket Statuses:

The default view shows All Tickets.

You can change the view to display Pending or Closed Tickets or only tickets with certain statuses.

Re-opening a closed support ticket:

If a ticket has been closed, but you want to re-open it, open the ticket and click Reply in the bottom left corner.

Write a message, and then click Send Reply.

Note: Tickets should only be re-opened if they've been marked as closed but the issue remains unresolved. If it's a new request or issue, please open a new ticket to make each issue easier to follow.