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Why share a report URL?

There are times when sharing your report URL with clients is more convenient than Downloading Reports as a PDF File.

✔️ An easy way to send large files:

If your survey report is very large, it may not be convenient to download the report and send it by email due to the large file size.

Email providers often have a maximum file size limit, preventing you from sending files above a specific size.

You could send the file using a File Transfer service (for example, Dropbox or WeTransfer), but that requires some work and knowledge from your client.

To make life easier, share the Flow report URL with your client, and they can download the PDF report at their end.

✔️ Share your progress in real-time:

  • Client eager to see the progress of your job?
  • Contractors waiting for you to finish to start their work?

Sharing a link to your report is an excellent way to keep your stakeholders in the loop. And they can follow your progress in real-time.

How to share a report URL

1. Navigate to the report.

2. Preview the Report.

3. Click Copy URL (this copies the report URL to your clipboard).

4. Paste (Ctrl-V) into an email or message to your client.

Copy report URL
Copy report URL