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This Project field is required when Creating or Editing a job.

The Project field allows you to name and group jobs in a sensible way, for example, by assigning your external job reference to Flow jobs.

Why use projects?

  • Traceability
    Cross-reference Flow jobs with your external system of record.
  • Searchability
    Search for jobs in the jobs list using your job reference.
  • Consistency
    Display your job reference on reports instead of ours.

What should I use for the Project?

There's no 'right way' to name your Projects; it depends on your way of working. The important thing is to be consistent.

Example formats:

Option 1 - An External Job Reference

If you already have a job reference number maintained outside of Flow, this is probably the best reference to use for your Project.

Example: ACME00122

The advantage of this option is that you can easily cross-reference Flow jobs with your external system of record.

Option 2 - A General Work Description

The second option for naming your projects is to use a general description of the work.

Example: Asbestos Demolition Works

This project naming convention is a good, low maintenance option if you don't have an external job reference.

Option 3 - First line of the address

The final option is to name your projects according to the first line of the address.

Example: 11 Teapot Studios

Option 4 - Use your own format

You're not limited to the Project formats above. Perhaps you'd like to combine two of these options or come up with your own Project format?

It's up to you!