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In the audit history, you can choose to display 'System Updates'. These are changes that Flow makes in the background, often in response to another user action. 

Generally speaking, you won't care about these "behind-the-scenes" updates. So, by default, we hide these updates from your audit trail. But they can be helpful if the Flow team needs to investigate a data issue on your account.

Enabling System Updates

To enable System Updates, check the box that says 'Include System Updates'.

Include 'System Updates' in the audit by selecting this checkbox
You can optionally include system updates in the audit results

When enabled, you may see some entries with the Flow logo (like the one below), these are system updates.

Example of a System Update, shown here with the Flow logo.

Examples of System Updates

  • Changing the items count when items are created or deleted.
  • Updating an item when a user uploads an image from their phone.
  • Changing report details when moving or copying reports between jobs.