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⚠️ If you're using Mobile App version <1.0.74, it's not safe to delete images from the Flow Mobile gallery until they've been successfully uploaded, because this folder is used by the Mobile App.

If you're using Mobile App version 1.0.74 or above, the following instructions apply.

When you take photos using the Flow Mobile Surveying app, we save photos into a hidden folder on your device until they are uploaded to the Dashboard.

An optional setting in the app allows these photos to be copied to your device's photo gallery. In this guide I'll explain what happens when you delete images from this photo gallery (hint: it's safe to delete them).

Photo upload process

1. You take a photo within the Flow Mobile Surveying app.

2. The image is saved to a hidden storage area within the Flow Mobile Surveying app.

If 'Copy media to gallery' is enabled (default) the image is also copied to the device's 'Flow Mobile' photo gallery.

3. The image is uploaded when the device has an active internet connection (assuming you haven't paused Media Uploads).

4. After upload, the image is deleted from the hidden storage area on your device.

Why delete images from the gallery?

When you're Low on Space, you can free up space by deleting images from the 'Flow Mobile' gallery.

If 'Copy media to gallery' is enabled the gallery will take up more space over time as you complete more surveys and take more photos. So it requires some maintenance now and again.

When is it safe to delete images from your gallery?

It's safe to delete images from the 'Flow Mobile' gallery at any time because these images are copies of the files that are uploaded to the Dashboard.

Since the files which are uploaded to the Dashboard are stored in a hidden folder (and deleted once uploaded) you can't accidentally delete an image before it's been uploaded.

Note: There have been very rare instances where images have been corrupted during the upload. In these cases, it may be helpful to grab a copy of the uncorrupted file from the 'Flow Mobile' gallery. So it's worth checking that images are displayed OK on your reports before deleting them from the 'Flow Mobile' gallery.

How to access the photo gallery

Accessing the 'Flow Mobile' photo gallery on your phone is like accessing any other photo gallery. Here's how you access the gallery on an Android device:

1. Click the Photos icon on your mobile device.

2. Open the gallery named 'Flow Mobile'.

3. From here you can delete the photos in the same way you would any other photo on your device.