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Mastering Flow Mobile

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There are several reasons why your job might not be shown on the mobile app.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1: Are you online?

New jobs will only show on the app if you have an active internet connection.

Note: After you've viewed a job once, it'll then be available offline.

1. Make sure you're connected to the internet (try accessing a webpage in the browser on your mobile device)

2. Connect to Wifi if possible.

3. Turn aeroplane mode "off"

Step 2: Check the 'Site Work' date is correct

1. Log into the Dashboard.

2. Edit the job.

3. Is the Site Work date correct?

Step 3: Are you viewing the correct week?

By default, the mobile app shows this week's jobs.

1. On the mobile app jobs list, check which week you're viewing.

2. Use the Left and Right toggle buttons to view previous and following weeks.

Note: The viewport window automatically scrolls to today, so you may need to scroll up to view jobs for earlier in the week.

Step 4: Is the job assigned to you?

You will only see jobs on the app that have been assigned to you.

1. Log into the Dashboard.

2. Edit the job.

3. Does your name appear in the 'assigned to' field?

4. If not, include your user and click Save.

Learn More about Assigning Surveyors to Jobs.

Completed these steps and still can't see the job?

Raise a Support Ticket and we'll take a look.