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Why is it important to be able to work offline?

When you're on-site, it's not always possible to have an active internet connection, i.e.

  • Working underground
  • In high-security areas
  • In rural locations
  • During outages
  • With SIM-free devices

Our Mobile App will continue to work in these situations.

Your data and images will synchronise automatically when you re-connect to the internet.

Caveats to offline working

Although the Flow Mobile Surveying app works offline, there are some caveats to offline working.

Practically, there are two things you need to be aware of when working offline:

⚠️ Logging In

You cannot log in when offline. This is because our servers must verify your identity before you go offline. Make sure that you are logged in to the app with an active internet connection. Once logged in, you will remain logged in even if you go offline.

⚠️ Loading Jobs

Make sure that your schedule of Jobs has been loaded before going offline. When offline, it is not possible for the app to download your schedule.

Recommendations when working offline

✔️ Don't stay offline for prolonged periods of time
Working offline runs the risk of problems if you lose or damage your device before it has synced the data. Or if you run out of storage space.

✔️ Connect to Wi-Fi as soon as possible
Once you get back to the office, make sure you connect to the Wi-Fi to sync your data and images.

✔️ Make sure you have plenty of storage space.
Your device needs to have sufficient space when working offline.

✔️ Load jobs before you go on-site
Just in case you don't have an internet connection on-site.


The Mobile App is designed to work offline.

But understand that working offline poses additional risks, like losing your phone before data has synchronised. And remember to preload your jobs before you go on-site!