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Delivering Exceptional Value

Excellent customer service is the main way that asbestos surveyors win new work [1]. So how do you take your client experience to the next level?

  • Give price discounts for early job finishes; you'll impress clients with your honesty
    If you finish jobs a day or two early (or sometimes even half a day) contact the client, explain the situation and then discount the quoted cost to reflect. They'll be impressed with your honesty.
  • Give help. Even if it means recommending a competitor
    If you can’t help your clients, suggest someone who can. Maintain a network of friendly competitors and give away business opportunities to other surveying companies when it makes sense. It'll keep clients happy and feeds into a good work life balance. And who knows when the social capital you build up with your competitors might come in handy?
  • Provide free ongoing advice and support to build long-term relationships with clients
    Once the job is finished, continue providing advice and support (within reason of course).  This is a great way to build relationships with clients. You'll win more repeat work. And it's just the right thing to do.

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