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Recruiting Staff

Recruitment is the biggest challenge in the asbestos industry, with 87% finding it difficult to attract loyal, experienced surveyors. [1]

But as the saying goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together". So to reach the next level, you'll need to overcome recruitment challenges and find others to join your company.

Large companies have the resources to recruit unskilled workers and train them in-house, offering the chance to learn a new trade with entry-level wages. Small companies lack these resources and rely on trained surveyors moving around or changing jobs to find new staff.

Whatever size you are, here are some levers you can pull to attract the right talent.

  • Salary isn't everything. Work-life balance and career opportunities are also attractive carrots
    Salary, while important, isn't the only reason people change jobs. 44% would change jobs for a better work-life balance. And 51% would change jobs for better career progression opportunities. [1]
  • Looking for candidates? Let a specialist asbestos recruiter find talent for you
    One way to find new staff is to work with a recruitment firm like Morgan King Environmental who specialise in the asbestos industry. They'll take a cut, but you'll have instant access to a large pool of potential candidates.
  • Consider an "agency-style" model; a smaller fixed workforce, plus subcontractors
    Instead of hiring full-time, salaried staff, consider an agency-style model instead. This way of structuring your business means having fewer salaried employees and a flexible workforce of reliable freelancers used to fill the gaps for larger projects.
  • A training arm gives you the first pick of surveyors
    This one won't be for everyone. Just larger companies. But if you have plentiful resources, offering training like BOHS P402 or P402 Refresher Courses can be a regular source of new staff. You'll have the first pick of junior surveyors training to start a new career or surveyors upskilling. An added benefit is that you can offer internal training for your existing staff.
  • Focus on company culture. It's the best way to attract and retain great staff
    A leading recruiter in the asbestos industry believes the best way to attract talent is to focus on building a positive company culture [1]. It's a small industry, and people often move around, so if existing staff enjoy working for you, word will travel, and you'll find it easier to recruit.

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