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The Client Experience

Your client needs an asbestos survey. Maybe it was their idea. Or perhaps they were reluctantly prompted by someone else, like their insurance or mortgage company.

Now it's your turn to deliver a valuable service, and ultimately, give your client a clear report and recommendations to keep them safe from asbestos. So how do you give your client a great experience?

  • Service, service, service. Hold your hands up when you make a mistake. Clients and staff will like this culture
    Everything boils down to this...service, service, service. If you get it wrong, hold your hands up and do everything you can to put it right. Don't try to pass the blame. Your clients will like this. And it's a non-toxic culture your staff will enjoy.
  • Clients expect fast report turnaround; we're living in the age of Google and Amazon
    Consumer expectations are changing. We're spoilt for choice when buying products and services, and many people have come to expect Google or Amazon-level service. So your clients are becoming less patient with higher expectations. Fortunately you can use modern reporting software to speed up report writing and turnaround times for your clients.
  • Assist contractors working for clients; it'll help you gain the respect of your clients
    Assisting contractors working for clients may feel like a chore. And its unpaid work. But by helping contractors, you'll gain the respect of your clients. And building rapport with contractors means you have a chance of winning their business, too.
  • Don't include industry jargon in your reports; it will confuse people, your job is to keep your clients and contractors safe with easy-to-understand reports
    Its your job to keep clients safe, not show off your knowledge of asbestos terms and abbreviations. Including industry jargon in your reports will confuse clients and contractors, and that's the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. Focus on making your reports easily understood by all stakeholders, regardless of their level of asbestos knowledge (assume they have none). And that means ditching the clever jargon. I know it hurts your pride. But just do it. And if you really can't bring yourself to ditch the jargon, do your clients a favour by including a Glossary of Terms.
  • Include clear recommendations; what needs doing, who should do it, and when. Your clients will appreciate the detail
    Recommendations are the crux of your report; they tell your client what to do next and how to stay safe. You can provide real value to your client here by including detailed recommendations; for example, if removal works are needed, let the client know if it's licensable or non-licensable work. Good recommendations should include specific actions and timescales where appropriate.
  • If remediation work is needed, recommend suitable local contractors and ensure there's no conflict of interest
    If your risk assessment has identified a need for remediation work, recommend local contractors you trust. That way, the client isn't left dangling in the wind after the survey with no idea where to turn. Recommend companies with no conflict of interest. e.g. If you carry out the inspection and Asbestos Management Plan, suggest another non-affiliated company (Company B) to do the remedial works. If an air test is required, you can arrange for this to be carried out following the site work by Company B, thus no conflict.
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